Morgan Stanley Connected Client Journey

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Morgan Stanley is a global leader in financial services helping people manage and distribute the capital they need to achieve their goals. Everyone’s financial goals are different and Morgan Stanley has a wide array of financial products and services which can be custom tailored depending on the situation. The challenge was how to simplify, explain, and showcase the various financial solutions Morgan Stanley offers.

  • Morgan Stanley
  • Finance
  • App Dev, Consulting, A/V & Technology Services, Interactive Experiential Design
  • 2022-2023
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Thrive 2023
Innov8ive Group Team

Innov8ive Group worked with the Morgan Stanley at work team to develop the “Connected Client Journey” which is a series of client personas, each crafted to showcase individuals at different points in their life and connected to Morgan Stanley financial service products personalized for them.

Innov8ive Group created life size versions of each persona showcased on large interactive touch screen displays which are used at various Morgan Stanley events and expos. Customers are able to interact with the displays and learn about the various Morgan Stanley financial products through the specific person they choose. Additionally, we created a series of educational interactive stations which feature a custom built content engine, curating audio, video, and text based content on a wide range of financial topics.

One of the challenges faced when creating the interactive experiences was how to manage audio within the space. Many of the setups feature 10 to 20 stations within an area, each with their own unique audio. Traditional speakers would have sound crossing over and make for a poor listening experience. Using headphones was not an option for sanitary reasons.

We outfitted each display with a cutting-edge speaker technology which uses ultrasound as a virtual acoustic source enabling precise control over sound distribution. This allows a user to hear audio only when standing directly in front of the interactive display.

The video below shows it in action.