Uber Spotlight

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Uber, the market leader of the rideshare industry, wanted to solve for the awkward car mixup problem that often occurs when multiple people are requesting rides from the same location. Enter Uber Spotlight. In an effort to eliminate awkward mixups and challenges people have locating their ride, Uber wanted to test out a new color coded technology called Spotlight. It works by having the Uber driver install an LED light fixture inside their windshield which syncs to their phone. When a person requests a ride from the Uber app, they are asked to select a color while they wait. When the driver arrives, the LED inside the car glows the color the rider selected, and riders can press and hold on their phones screen causing it to glow the same color, allowing the driver to identify them in return.

  • Uber
  • Tech, Ride Share
  • Consulting, Experiential Design, Lead Generation, Photo Engagement, App Integration, Brand Activation
  • 2018
uber spotlight
uber spotlight
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Innov8ive Group worked closely with the Uber Technology API and strategic partnership team to launch the spotlight feature in the Miami market. Innov8ive Group crafted a highly engaging and interactive experience to demonstrate the launch of the new spotlight feature. It consisted of a series of interactive art light installations positioned in popular downtown Miami locations. Large 7000 watt spotlights were used as the center piece for each of the locations. When a person requested a ride from the location, it triggered an interactive light show synced to the color the rider selected. Massive beams of colored lights shined into the night sky that could be seen from miles away.
While waiting for their ride to arrive, people participated in a color themed photo experience which used a custom tailored version of Innov8ive Group’s SocialFoto application, that color coordinated with the LED light background elements making for the perfect artistic selfie.