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Kellogg’s is an American multinational food company that participates in numerous exhibitions that attract investors, manufacturers, producers, food processors, and various organizations from across the global food ecosystem.

  • Kellogg's
  • Food, Expo, Experiential Retail
  • Consulting, Experiential Design, Lead Generation, A/V & IT Services, Social Media Visualization, Digital Signage, Photo Engagement
  • 2016-2023
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Innov8ive Group in partnership with Exhibit Concepts, worked with Kellogg’s to design and execute a variety of trade show exhibits and experiential concepts including The National Association of Convenience Stores Expo, The School of Nutrition Association Expo and a Cereal Cafe located in the heart of NYC. Kellogg’s needed a way to engage visitors across their trade show exhibits. These exhibits are designed for visitors to learn about the various Kellogg’s brands and potentially partner with them to carry their products in their establishment. Innov8ive Group created a series of digital interactive touch points for use at each show. Each touch point was designed with data capture in mind such that whenever a visitor participated in an experience, it required them to enter their name, email, or phone number.
Innov8ive’s photo engagement app SocialFoto was used to create a fun photo experience where visitors would take a photo, boomerang, or animated gif with their favorite Kellogg’s character. We used our social media visualization app Mingle, to showcase social media content that mentioned specific Kellogg’s branded hashtags across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Innov8ive Group also collaborated with Kellogg’s to help develop their experiential retail Cereal Cafe in New York City, complete with an espresso bar, Pop Tart station and a full menu of Kellogg’s cereals that you can mix and match. We designed “Instagram stations” with props and a photogenic set for people to capture and share their favorites!