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Tamara Mellon, who made her name as the fashion industry icon co-founder of Jimmy Choo, decided to launch a new shoe brand under her own name. Launching a new fashion brand is no easy task, even for seasoned industry veteran such as Tamara. Tamara Mellon engaged Innov8ive Group early on in the process for help with everything from retail design and technical support to a direct to consumer strategy.

  • Tamara Mellon
  • Retail
  • Consulting, Digital Signage, App Development, AV/IT Support, Direct To Consumer Strategy, Apple Business Chat
  • 2019
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Innov8ive Group helped Tamara Mellon craft a technology vision for the company with a data driven and interactive approach to physical retail as well as a direct to consumer strategy. Innov8ive Group engineered a solution that allowed Tamara to outfit a mobile “shoe experience on wheels”, a large glass sided truck shoe salon driving to multiple cities across the US enabling customer to touch and try on her shoes.
Innov8ive Group worked with lead architect Michael Maltzan to engineer the retail store experience helping bring Tamara’s vision of an immersive shoe environment to life. This included crafting an “Instagrammable” strategy where every shoe in every size would be available on a curved wall display to try on and capture photos/videos to share with friends. Innov8ive deployed a high speed AV/IT infrastructure which allowed for consumer sharing experiences, as well as powering the sale associates point of sale systems which run a custom iPad application. Innov8ive’s solutions helped the Tamara Mellon team seamlessly reach their customer through as many channels as possible which pushed the brand into profitability delivering sales north of $3,000 per square foot.
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