Samsung Studio

Interactive Photo Experience


  • Client: Samsung
  • Project: Samsung Photo Experience
  • Services: Mobile Apps, Custom 8K Video Wall

The Samsung Studio is a pop-up showcase in SoHo NY, and the Grove, LA. The concept was to give visitors a hands on experience with their products. Innov8ive Group designed and built a number or interactive experiences for the studio. The "photo experience" was created to give visitors the ability to interact with Samsung's Galaxy phones, and showcase the photo quality.

Visitors were asked 4 multiple choice questions on a video wall in front of them. Each question was answered on a Galaxy phone with each answer having a photo associated with it. After the user answered all 4 questions, they were able to stand in front of the video wall and capture 4 photos of themselves with the background automatically changing after each photo. Visitors were then able to share their photo experience via email or text.

Innov8ive Group developed a number or custom solutions to make this experience possible. The first challenge was serving up massive 8K (7680 x 4320) resolution content across the video video wall made up of multiple Samsung curved UHD screens. The content was dynamic with each quadrant of the screen sometimes acting independent and others times working together to form an 8K image. 2 Android apps were created for the Galaxy phones that handled the interactive questions and photo/video capture. A custom networked array of powerful GPU computers communicated with the android apps running on the Galaxy phones to control the on screen content.

Samsung Studio Photo Experience

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