Mercedes Benz Evo Tour

Mingle Social Visualizer


  • Client: Mercedes Benz
  • Project: Evolution Tour
  • Services: Social Visualizer, Custom Video Wall

Mercedes Benz used Innov8ive Groups social visualization software Mingle, as part of their national marketing campaign to promote their new CLA and GLA vehicles. Mercedes sponsored a series of concerts in major cities across North America with heavy emphasis on social engagement with their new vehicles. Mingle played an integral part in the campaign. Watch the video below to see Mingle in action.

Innov8ive Group engineered a massive 7 screen video wall to run multiple instances of Mingle, aggregating Mercedes Benz content from various social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, then animating those posts in a branded environment. Mingle also powered a 40ft LED wall on stage as well as various LED screens on individual car displays.

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