Cafe Crust Restaurant

Southampton NY


        • Client: Cafe Crust
        • Project: Restaurant Design
        • Services: Consulting, Digital Signage, Food Photography


Cafe Crust is a unique cafe style restaurant in Southampton NY. The concept was to build a specialty menu centered around cooking in a custom French oven capable of reaching temperatures in excess of 1000deg. Innov8ive group consulted on every aspect of the project from architecture and color decisions to digital signage menu boards, to the food photography. If you are ever in Southampton Long Island on a summer day, definitely go check this place out!

Innov8ive Group helped refine the “look and feel” for the cafe early on in the design and construction phase. Innov8ive Group engineered the AV and digital menu board systems.

Innov8ive Group produced all of the food photography for Cafe Crust that is featured in both the online order system and print menu. Innov8ive designed custom interfaces for the various digital signage boards throughout the cafe. Menu offerings and pricing were programmed to automatically change according to time of day. Certain screens display a hybrid of menu/food items at the same time as displaying live TV and weather information.

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