Motorola Store Experience

Consulting  +   Experiential Design +   App Dev  +  A/V & IT Services

Motorola makes a range of mobile devices and accessories, from smartphones to smartwatches, but that fact was getting lost on consumers in an increasingly saturated market dominated by just a few big players. Enter: The Moto Shop Experience, a Motorola experiential boutique in the heart of Chicago.

  • Motorola
  • Experiential Retail
  • Consulting, Experiential Design, App Dev, Lead Generation, A/V & IT Services, CRM Integration
  • 2015-2016
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moto store image
moto store image
Innov8ive Group brought Motorola’s “power of choice” messaging to life by showcasing its new products in an unexpected, high-touch experiential environment. The shop gave consumers the opportunity to experience the brand in-person and on their own terms, inspiring them to design and personalize their own device, challenging them to reconsider their relationship with their current devices.
Motorola leaned on Innov8ive Group founder Eric Kocka’s extensive experience helping Apple launch their iconic retail stores, to help craft an immersive customer experience for their new Chicago based experiential boutique. The Moto shop was designed with a number of experience zones, each engineered to showcase what is possible with Motorola’s mobile products. Innov8ive Group designed and built a series of creative experiences using Motorola’s new phones, tablets and smart watches. Customers could participate in a social photo experience. Order baked goods and coffee from a phone running a custom designed application to place the orders in the store “Choice Cafe”. Experiment with thousands of different material and color combinations and visualize their custom device configuration on the Motomaker tablet application. Each touch point was designed with a data capture element which drove thousands of leads to their CRM.