Interactive Video Dreamwall

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American Family Insurance is an insurance provider for home, auto, business and life. Their company mission is to protect the dreams you’ve worked so hard to achieve. We used this mission statement as the core theme for creating an interactive digital experience.

  • American Family Insurance
  • Insurance, Sport Stadium Design
  • Consulting, Experiential Design, App Dev, Lead Generation, A/V & IT Services, Digital Signage
  • 2017-2019
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Innov8ive Group engineered a large format video “Dream Wall” for American Family Insurance for use at sponsored events, with an additional permanent version installed in the Mercedes-Benz stadium in Atlanta. Consumers were incentivized to enter a dream/wish into one of the provided iPads stationed in front of the wall, select a custom art background that complemented their dream, sign it, and submit it to appear on the video wall.
The submissions were a part of a sweepstakes where AmFam randomly choose one of the dreams submitted and made it happen for the person who submitted it. The first weekend the Dream Wall went live, it received over 10,000 submissions and countless photos were taken of people standing in front of their dream as it appeared on the wall. The system architecture consists of a customer facing custom iOS Application, a custom MacOS Application with a connected eGPU to process the 9,600 x 2160 pixel canvas. We choose Planar clarity matrix for the permanent install LCD video wall system, and Planar Carbonlight for the portable version.