AdLens Adjustable Focus Eyewear

Consulting  +   Digital Signage +  App Development +  Experiential Design

AdLens is a innovative company that offers a variable focus lens technology for eye glasses. Innov8ive Group was asked to engineer a solution to market and showcase the AdLens adjustable eyewear technology at trade shows and retail stores.

  • AdLens
  • Medical / Exhibit / Retail
  • Consulting, Digital Signage, App Development, Experiential Design
  • 2016
AdLens Engineering
AdLens Exhibit
AdLens Features
The initial challenge was to come up with an effective way to demonstrate the AdLens adjustable focus eyewear in a large high traffic environment such as a trade show or retail store. Innov8ive Group proposed the idea to build a large scale replica version of one of the AdLens eyewear frames to demonstrate how the technology works.
AdLens Custom Display
In order to make this experience possible, part of our solution required us to engineer a custom 3D printed replica of the gear mechanism used on the real eyeglasses in order to mimic the same focus adjustment. We integrated a USB controller into the 3D printed gear which communicated with our custom software that applied real time lens blur to the image on screen. The end result was a large interactive display people could walk up to and learn how the AdLens adjustable focus technology works.
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